Camp Blog’s Wonder Friends

On May 18-28, chosen students and teachers from all over the Philippines gathered to join a training program entitled “Camp Blog”. Even though from different places with different languages and culture, it wasn’t a hindrance for them to be able to break the large walls separating them from each other and one of those group of friends was this group of young students whocalled their selves as “Wonder Friends” with their theme “Anong kailangan? Magtulungan!!!”. The group consist of three jolly students namely Leanna Mae Piadozo, Ellyn Rose Maniwang and Junking Mendoza. Leanna Mae Piadozo is a very nice and talking young girl who came from Bulacan. Though she can’t understand other languages other than Filipino and English she was able to make friends of a different language user. Junking Medoza is  nice and responsible guy. He i always the one who stands up for the goup. He is the groups ig brother. Among the members of the group, he has the most responsible personalty. Well, I’m Ellyn. Another talkative member of the group. Though I’m like a happy-go-lucky person I find it hard to express my true feelings. Well thats enough. Though with different backgrounds, they were able to surpass all obstacles saying that with each others helping hand the labyrynth will soon end.



  1. ischoollmpiadozo said

    Nice comment about our personalities!

  2. ischoollmpiadozo said

    Nice comment about our personalities…

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