Meeting Her

Do you want to meet a wonder friend. Here she is, alive and well. Just click on the link item above and you will see the blog of a true wonder friend. This young girl, the owner of the blog “My Experience Blog”, even though very talkative and sometimes annoying she never forgets  to care for others. She is always there in times of trouble, singing beside you to ease the pain inside and making you laugh to change your gloomy world into a colorful one. If you need anything, want to talk your problems out but ofcourse not money problems, you could rely on her anytime.



  1. ischoollmpiadozo said

    Is that true? Well you are great friend more than I.
    You are even more caring than me but sometimes you are very naughty. You always tell me about Mr. S.
    Well if that is what you want from now on i will call you Ms. B.

    • ischoolermaniwang said

      I don’t think it’s true because it is certainly true. I may not be good in socializing but I could certainly tell what a person is. And about Mr. S, it is true in the first place so why try to hide it? Face the truth but don’t worry cause I’ll always be on your side.

  2. ischoollmpiadozo said

    You are so imaginative! Oh my God what you are trying to tell me is absolutely due to your very creative mind! But I’m telling you what you are thinking is not true!

  3. ischoollmpiadozo said

    How many times do I have to tell you that what you are thinking and telling me is wrong, of course it is just your conclusion but it’s not true!

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