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Hi! By the way my name is Ellyn Rose Maniwang… but you could call me Ellyn for short. I’m a student from Doña Carmen Denia National High School located at Toril, Davao City and I’m the owner of this blog and of course the author. Wondering what’s this for? Well, I sorta wanna tell you my feelings and experiences I have encountered by joining the Camp Blog workshop-training. This blog is for everyone especially those who lack  confidence. Confused why especially for those who lack confidence? Well, it might sound not that convincing and you might not believe me but to tell you the truth I travelled from Davao to Pampanga alone. Yes, I’m that brave and confident. Well maybe it’s because I want to know my limitations and to test myself if I could really do it. And also, I have made this blog in order for me not to forget my happy moments with my new friends who helped me and took care of me in this almost 2 weeks event. Well, even though just for a short while, I really had a great time. I’ll always treasure those memories I shared with my friends.

The Blogger HERSELF

Picture 193 Name:  Ellyn Rose Maniwang

Birth Date: November 03, 1993

Mobile/Phone Number: 291-3464/???

Email Address:

Brief Description About Me:

My name again is Ellyn Rose Maniwang, el-el or Lyn for short (my friends usually calls me these names), a student from Doña carmen Denia National High School located at Toril, Davao City. I am currenlty residing at Durian St., San Roque, Daliao, Toril, Davao City. We are four in the family consisting my dad, Eleuterio B. Maniwang, an Elementary teacher, my mom, Rosario C. Maniwang, a High School teacher, my younger sister, Jonna Rose Maniwang, a second year student and me. I am just an average girl, a student and a daughter who came from an average family. I usually make mistakes, gets into trouble and I hardly get good comments from my teachers and elders. Though I’m not a perfect girl, my imperfection itself is the evidence of the real me. I usually don’t like socializations but I like hanging out with my friends and when I like someone, I usually show it by cheering him up and supporting him, staying by his side in times of sadness and letting him know he’s not alone. I prefer not to let people know how I feel so I just sometimes stay silent and smile. This is the true me. I may not be perfect but sometimes imperfection tells me who I really am.


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