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Scientist Unveil the Missing Link in Human Evolution

Have you ever wondered how humans evolved or what humans are in the past. Well, this link would lead you to this question. You might not want to read long mushy word so just click on the linked item and enjoy watching while learning.


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King with No Royalty

Heres a little secret for everyone… Do you know someone from a royal family or some royalty? Well, this king might not be one of those people who likes to wear golden crowns and robes. Though not living in a palace OR akingdom, this “nOT A rOYALTY kING” has agood heart who cares for her friends and help them when in need. He always do the reporting even thouygh it leads him to hear backmights from the others and he stands up for his friends even though he isn’t that good at talking. he wasn’t called king just because his name is king but because in her frineds heart his a true king for the “Wonder Friends”.

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Meeting Her

Do you want to meet a wonder friend. Here she is, alive and well. Just click on the link item above and you will see the blog of a true wonder friend. This young girl, the owner of the blog “My Experience Blog”, even though very talkative and sometimes annoying she never forgetsĀ  to care for others. She is always there in times of trouble, singing beside you to ease the pain inside and making you laugh to change your gloomy world into a colorful one. If you need anything, want to talk your problems out but ofcourse not money problems, you could rely on her anytime.

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My Favorite Website


I like friendster website because i could be able to meet new people have more friends and know what its like and how its like in other the other parts of the world.

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